The Author of the "Mango Tree" is
an Emirati Writer Dr. Alyazia Khalifa 

The book was published in the UAE in 2017 by Al Fulk Translation & Publishing, the first and only publishing house in the UAE, that versed in children's and teenage literature, and introduces the "silent book" genre.
In Russia, the book was published in September 2021 by the largest publishing house "EKSMO" in a partnership with the "Job for Arabists" and the publishing house "Al Fulk translation & Publishing" (Abu Dhabi, UAE).

How the Russian Version Was Born

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The "Mango Tree" is a light and lovely story about a carefree childhood, filled with surprises, hopes and unexpected events.
The book was translated from Arabic into Russian by Dr. Viacheslav Eliseev, founder and CEO of “Job for Arabists”, who accidentally once met Dr. Alyazia Khalifa at the Moscow International Book Fair.

It was here that Dr. Viacheslav Eliseev discovered this wonderful book, upon reading which he decided to translate it into Russian.

The literary editor of the Russian version of the "Mango Tree" became Mr. Igor Sid.

What is This Book All About?

The “Mango Tree” plunges the reader into the 1980s in the UAE, by giving the opportunity to witness the ordinary life of an Emirati family with unchanged values and daily activities – a tribute to traditions, growing fruits and vegetables, loving and caring for family and loved ones.
The book is written in the "silent book" genre (translated into Russian as "quiet book"), which is new to the Russian and Arab world. Such a book is peculiar in that it involves images, thereby promoting the development of the reader’s imagination.

The "silent book" is perfectly perceived by any child in the world from a visual perspective, no matter what language they speak, because the image is a practical alternative to thousands of words.
"I'm happy that this happened! Based on my native Emirati culture and episodes from the everyday life of our society, my book wasn't only translated into Russian but also published by the largest Russian publishing house EKSMO."
Dr. Alyazia Khalifa,
author and illustrator of
the "Mango Tree"
"When I started working on translating this book into Russian, I could not even imagine that the "Mango Tree", coming out of the walls of the publishing house, would take on a life of its own and yield such a plethora of positive emotions to everyone..."
Dr. Vicheslav Eliseev,
founder and CEO of “ Job For Arabists”, author of the book’s literary translation
First Presentation of the "Mango Tree"
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The first presentation was hosted in the "Nigde Krome" Art Space in Moscow on September 11, 2021

КThe "Mango Tree" became the very first and only Emirati children’s book translated into Russian over the past 20 years of Russian-Emirati international cooperation.

Without this event, the Moscow International Book Fair 2021 would not be so memorable!

On September 11, 2021 the Job for Arabists agency, the Emirati publishing house AlFulk Translation & Publishing and
Russia's largest publishing house "EKSMO" unveiled a book by an Emirati children's author in Moscow as part of an exclusive cooperation.

We have brought together Arabists and those who enjoy reading books by new authors. This turned out to be an unforgettable and bright meeting!
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Presentation of the ”Mango Tree" Russian version at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2021 with the Job for Arabists participation and support, at the Emirati publishing house Al Fulk Translation & Publishing booth
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The "Mango Tree" presentation at the International Russian School in Dubai in the presence of the book’s author Dr. Alyazia Khalifa, the author of the literary translation of the book Dr. Viacheslav Eliseev
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Presentation of the ”Mango Tree” Russian version at the
ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR 2022 in the capital city of the UAE
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The "Mango Tree" was unveiled to the participants of the SpeakAR Language School face-to-face meeting of the, dedicated to the open Arabic language class.

SpeakAR School is the “Job for Arabists” educational division
As part of the Moscow International Book Fair 2019, on September 6, a meeting was held between the Al Fulk Translation & Publishing House (Abu Dhabi, UAE), headed by its founder Dr. Alyazia Khalifa, with the Faculty of Philology students and tutors of the of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN).

During her visit to the university, writer and publisher Dr. Alyazia Khalifa held a master class, talking about her creative and professional path in the publishing industry.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Head of the Department of Arabic Dubinina N.V., Teacher of the Department of Arabic Jacqueline Zidan and a CEO of “Job for Arabists” Dr. Viacheslav Eliseev.

Dr. Alyazia told the participants about a new genre of books for the Russian and Arab world, such as "silent book" (translated into Russian as "quiet book").

The "Mango Tree" is Available to Order in the Russian Federation:

on major book-selling platforms and marketplaces – from Litres and Chitai-Gorod to Ozon in Russian version

In the UAE, The "Mango Tree" can be purchased:

In the Orange Pier art space with co-working and a printing studio in both Russian and Arabic versions

At the “Job for Arabists Business Solutions” office
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